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GEORGIA is co-lead with Elizabeth Hurley in "Strictly Confidential", 

Casting Jeremy Zimmermann,

Director, Damian Hurley, with Elizabeth Hurley et Freddie Thorp.

5 AVRIL 2024
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Welcome GEORGIA !

Co-represented with Revolution Talent.
Based in Paris & London.
Speaks french & english.
Actress, song-writer and presenter.
Credits :

WEREWORLD , Gretchen, Lime Pictures pour Netflix, Richard Global/Tom Brass

UN GUIDE DE BONNE FILLE SUR LE MEURTRE , Isla, Moonage pour BBC3, Tom Vaughan

STRICTEMENT CONFIDENTIEL,  Mia, MSR Media pour Lionsgate, Damian Hurley with Elizabeth Hurley and Freddie Thorp.  

Co-lead avec Elizabeth Hurley. 5 AVRIL 2024

She is currently still working on Wereworld, an animation for Netflix.
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Welcome MARIE NOEL !


Co-represented with Actors Garden;

Based in Germany & Paris, Marie Noël speaks french, english, german and spanish.

Actress & writer, she wrote the COLOR PURPLE film booklet
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Welcome YANINA !

Co-represented with Actors Garden.
Russian, speaks french, english and based in Paris & London.
Studied at Sciences Po 5 years in Paris and lived 10 years in USA.
Credits in "Homesick" "don't shed a tear"...
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